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My Disney World Favorites Week Day 4: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Of all the things at Disney, Kilimanjaro safaris is one of the only if not the only you will never be the same each time you ride it. I love seeing all the animals.

My Disney Favorites Week Day 3: Be Our Guest

I fell in love with this restaurant last year. The details from the movie are amazing. The ceiling of the ballroom is just like the ceiling in the movie and there is a snowing wall. The food is good too. You can even try the grey stuff. And meet the Beast at dinner.

My Disney Favorites Week Day 2: Toy Story Midway Mania

This ride is so much fun. It’s a 3D ride of video arcade games. The goal is to be the high scorer in the car. The graphics are cute and it’s just a very fun little game.

My Disney World Favorites Day 1: Port Orleans Riverside

Let’s start at the first stop on my Disney vacations, the resort. Yes a Disney Vacation is all about the parks but really the resort is where it all begins. This is where you start and end each day. We always stay at Port Orleans Riverside. I love the atmosphere there. It’s the perfect hotel for a Southern Belle. Riverside is next to the French Quarter and you can walk back and forth, together they put off the feel of New Orleans. You have the plantations in Magnolia Bend the bayou houses in Alligator Bayou, and the “city” at the French Quarter. We always ask for the Magnolia Bend side, it feels more open and colorful to me than Alligator Bayou. Plus of course it doesn’t heart that it’s the plantation side. Yes this resort is popular with families but it is quaint.