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Traveling With Minnie Ears

Yesterday I shared my Minnie Ear Obsession with you. Now I have a question for all my fellow Disney loving Minnie ear wearing fans. How do you pack your Minnie ears when traveling? I’ve had a few ideas but none have panned out so far. I don’t want to just “throw” them in a bag but I want them protected too.

Ear Obsession

I’m not one to wear headbands, they always give me a headache, so I would always avoid the Minnie Ears Headbands at Disney World. Until last March (2018) when I just had to have a pair of the Rose Gold Ears. Now I have a “Minnie” ear obsession.

This March (2019) when we went, I left for Disney with four packed and came home with seven. My original rose gold ears, princess ears (I purchased me and the girls matching ears), blue with white stars (Americana ears) and Mardi Gras ears are what I left home with. I added the teal ears with the pink bow, the giraffe ears, and the donut ears.

My current collection includes:

🎀 Rose Gold (plus two backup pair I bought when I heard they were going away)

🎀 Blue with White Stars (Americana)

🎀 Christmas 2018 Ears: Red with Green Bow and A Snowflake on each ear

🎀 Mardi Gras

🎀 Rose Gold Cruise Ears (bow is navy with anchors)

🎀 Princess (even has a crown)

🎀 Teal with pink bow

🎀 Donut

🎀 Giraffe

🎀 Briar Rose Gold

🎀 New Americana (2019 release)

(I don’t think I forgot any)

And I just ordered the new Cruise Ears that are Blue with a red bow and have character anchors. But they have not arrived yet.

I even have the rose gold ear headband pandora charm.

I blame that first pair of rose gold ears for my rose gold obsession.