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Southern Belle Favorite Reads: 10-6

10) Fifty Shades by: E L James
9) Weekday Bride Series by: Catherine Bybee
8) Rhett Butler’s People by: Donald McCaig
7) Save the Date by: Mary Kay Andrews
6) The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series and It’s Spinoff Series by: Neta Jackson

Southern Belle Favorite Reads: 20-16

20) Black Hills by: Nora Roberts
19) Midnight Sons Series by: Debbie Macomber
18) Pemberley Ranch by: Jack Caldwell
17) Summer Rental by: Mary Kay Andrews
16) Spring Fever by: Mary Kay Andrews

Southern Belle Reads: Save The Date

I have been reading Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews.  She is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers.  This book is based in Savannah which has become one of my favorite cities to visit.  And one of her books was based in the Outer Banks, which I love too.  Anyway back to Save the Date.  This book is great!  I am almost finished but not there yet.  I love the characters and the story line.  The main character, Kara is a wedding florist trying to make a name for herself.  I feel like I have a better understanding for the wedding florist/planning business from this book.  I feel like the characters in this book are my friends now.  Actually by the time I have reached the end of the books I have read written by her, I feel the same way about them as well.  It is the way she writes, you just can’t help but like her characters.  I can’t wait to finish reading Save the Date to see how it ends.  I’m hoping it will not disappoint.  Based on what I have read so far I would recommend Save the Date as a great book to read.  I will keep you posted on how the ending was.    


I know it has been a while since I posted last so here are a few updates:


1) It’s less than 30 days now till my 30th Birthday Celebration Trip at Disney

2) My cousin and his wife are moving back which means my favorite five-year old (their daughter who is like a niece to me) and her baby brother are going to be closer!  That baby has already stolen my heart!

3) The down side to them moving back home, no more trips to South Dakota.  I have come to love that place.


Recent Books Read:

1) “Spring Fever” by: Mary Kay Andrews

2) “Wife by Wednesday” by: Catherine Bybee

3) “Married by Monday” by Catherine Bybee

4) “Fiancé by Friday” by Catherine Bybee

5) “Single by Saturday” by Catherine Bybee


Recent Dishes from the Kitchen:

1) More Pioneer Woman Baked Ziti

2) Raspberry Lemonade Cake

3) More Black Bean and Corn Salsa

4) Nutella Brownies

5) Chocolate Lover’s Poke Cake


I’ll follow up a few of these updates with blog posts very soon.