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A Kentucky Gem 

Between Cincinnati and Louisville about five miles off interstate 71 in Warsaw, KY there is a gem of a restaurant, Jewel’s on Main.  This is quickly become one of our favorite restaurants.  We started making the drive a few years ago; because for us it is a drive, and let me tell you it is well worth it.  We tried it after someone I worked with at the time recommended it.  Now between early spring and late fall we go down about every other Saturday.  We only go during the winter if no snow is in the forecast, it’s a long enough drive that we wouldn’t want to do it in the snow.  Saturday’s are our favorites because it is the night they have prime rib as their special, and let me tell you their prime rib is the best I have ever had.  They run out just about every Saturday night so you have to get there early.  If we don’t make it for prime rib their New York strip is a great backup.  I love getting one or the other with fries (hand cut fries at that) and a salad with Greek salad dressing.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I have an aunt that swears by the shrimp and grits, one that loves their meatloaf, and a cousin who loves their hamburger.  Their appetizers and desserts are even great.  The fried pickles and soft pretzels to start the meal and the bread pudding to end it, is what I would recommend personally.  The kids love the chocolate cake for dessert.  I have never had a bad meal there and I really shouldn’t be letting you in on the secret of Jewel’s but I will!