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Southern Belle Charm: New Orleans 10 Years Later

I am not familiar with the New Orleans before Katrina, or the New Orleans right after Katrina.  But I am familiar with the New Orleans almost 10 years after Katrina, and I think it is pretty great!    It was 10 years ago today that Katrina ripped through the city and left total devastation.  Thinking of New Orleans and all the other cities in the Gulf that were left in ruins after Katrina tore through them.


My Journey Into The Heart Of Southern Belle Country: New Orleans 

New Orleans: some love it, some hate it, some say it smells, and some just feel sorry for it after Katrina.  For me, my first time trip intrigued me.  I’m not ready to say I love it but I’m not ready to say I hate it either.  I would love to spend some more time there.  It was a three hour drive each way for us between Natchez and New Cleanse and even though we left early that only gave us a few hours to explore, not enough time at all.  That was just enough time to give ma a taste of the city but not to fill my hunger for exploring the city.  I did get to go to the Café du Monde to try the beignets and the café au lait.  We took the red double decker bus tour around the city, which for some it might be nice and worth the price but for us and the little amount of time we had in the city it was not worth it.  But that is a different story and I will not get started on that.  It was fun to ride a double decker bus; I have never done that before.  We did see a great deal of the city riding that bus but I would love to go back and walk through one of their amazing cemeteries, and walk through the garden district and see all the beautiful old homes.  We did find Bourbon Street and walked on it a bit, but we are not bar people so we did not fully taken in Bourbon Street.  But I do like that fact that I can say I have been to Bourbon Street.  All in all I liked the vibe of New Orleans and would love to go back to see more.