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Recommended Series In Depth (Part 1)

1) Morgan Run Series by M. Lee Prescott 

Books in Series (in order)

– Emma’s Dream

– Lang’s Return

– Jeb’s Promise

– Rose’s Choice

– Hope’s Wonder

– Ruthie’s Love (coming soon)

I purchased Emma’s dream for free with the help of Book Bub. It sounded cute and it was free so I thought I would give it a shot. I fell in love with the Morgan family and their Arizona ranch. I am so excited for the next book to come out later this month. This series would not have to be read in order but I would highly recommend it. The nice thing is too is there is room for a lot more books. I can’t wait!


2) Cameron Saga: Civil War Trilogy by Heather Graham


Books in Series (in order)

– One Wore Blue

– One Wore Gray

– And One Rode West

These are books four through six in the Cameron Saga but books one through three in the Civil War Trilogy of the Cameron Saga. I have not read any of the other Cameron Saga books, only these in the Civil War Trilogy. I am a sucker for a good civil war romance and these did not disappoint. These are about two brothers and a sister. The brothers, like so many families during that time, were divided just like America (as you can probably tell by the titles). These books too are probably better if you read them in order, but since they are a trilogy of their own, I don’t feel like I missed anything having not read the other books.  

Civil War Romances

Sunday night/Monday morning I did something I have not done in years.  I stayed up half the night, on a work night, reading/finishing a book.  I can not believe I did that but I was enjoying that book so much.  The culprit…

In fact I really got my reading groove back on, I read two Civil War Romances this past weekend.  I have not read two books in one weekend ever, I don’t think.  I had a craving for Civil War romance this past weekend it seems.  The other book I read was…

I really enjoyed both of these books.  They were a nice change of pace from all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.  I find it funny that most of the civil war romances on the market have the southern belle falling for the union solider.  There are a few out there where the southern gentleman/solider falls for the northern girl.  Heather Graham did a series of three books that covered those two bases and added the move west for the third.  Those books were really good too.  They were One Wore Blue, One Wore Gray, And One Rode West.  I would highly recommend all of these books.



New Orleans

Ever since my, way too short, visit to New Orleans earlier this year, I have been enamored with that city.  I want to take in everything New Orleans.  I think that is one of the reasons I am loving NCIS: New Orleans so much.  I am reading the book of blog posts by author Heather Graham titled “Why I Love New Orleans”.  I find myself looking for romance novels set in New Orleans.  Heck, I am even waiting to stay at Port Orleans French Quarter one night when we go to Florida in November just so I can see what it is like.  We always stay at Riverside when we go but I want to try the French Quarter once.  I purchased a Mega Millions ticket last week and I said one of the first things I would do if I won was take a trip to New Orleans so I could get it out of my system.  I never dreamed I would be drawn to this one of a kind city like I was but I am in complete and utter awe. 


Southern Belle Favorite Reads: 15-11

15) Inn Boonsboro Series by: Nora Roberts
14) Marriage to a Billionarire Series by: Jennifer Probst
13) One Wore Blue, One Wore Gray, And One Rode West (3 Book Series) by: Heather Graham
12) Driver #8 by: Dale Earnhardt Jr
11) Crossfire Series by: Sylvia Day

Civil War Romances

I have been on this kick lately where I can’t get enough of Civil War Romances.  In the past month I have finished two and started a third.  The two I just recently finished were books two and three in a series of three by Heather Graham.  “One Wore Blue”, “And One Wore Gray”, and “One Rode West” were great books!  I could not put the last one down!  A series based on the three siblings in one family meant the characters were almost like family by the end of the series.  I was kind of sad when the last book ended.  I love series like that!  Does anyone have any suggestions for more great Civil War romances?