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31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 21: Something I Miss

I could think of a whole long list of things I miss but right now the one thing I probably miss the most is the TV show Hart of Dixie.  I don’t know what it was about that show but I loved it and miss my “friends” in Bluebell. 

2 Things On My Mind Today

1) If you are Disney Crazy like me and especially about Disney World, then you probably heard about the crash that involved a Disney World Bus where the driver of the car that hit the bus passed away.  My thoughts go out to the Family and Friends of that person driving that car.  My thoughts also go out to the Driver of the Disney Bus, the people who were on board the bus, as well as the people in the other car involved.  Disney World is such a happy, magical place and for something tragic like this to happen there makes me very sad.

2) I’m mad that I missed the season premiere of Hart of Dixie last night.  I did not even know anything about it.  I know I can catch up on it later today but I have really been looking forward to this and I missed it.  Not goog, not good at all.  

Missing Blue Bell

I love that all my favorite shows are back from the summer break and are fresh with new episodes, but there is one show I am really missing right now, Hart of Dixie.  That’s right I am missing Blue Bell, AL!  I can’t wait to catch up with Zoey, Lemon, Wade, George, Brick, Levin, Meatball, Magnolia, and so on.  A few years ago when I started watching it on Netflix I never dreamed I would become addicted to the show.  I can’t wait for the shortened season to finally start, whenever that may be.  I hope this new season does not disappoint.  I hope the new season gets here quick, I need to return to Blue Bell and my southern friends. 

Southern Belle Contemplates: “Hart of Dixie”

I have been watching “Hart of Dixie” on Netflix, and I love it.  I love all the characters and the quirkiness of the town.  I’m loving the town of Blue Bell, AL.   All the parades, concerts, plays, and parties they put on.  There is some kind of town event for each holiday and even some town holidays.  I just have one thing to say that when the show ends Zoe better end up with George or I am not going to be a happy fan.  I love her and George together!  I know her and Wade have sparks but the sparks between her and George are so much more intense.  Zoe and George forever!