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Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Cake, Muffins, and Sandwhiches

Sunday night I was a busy little baker/cook.  I made a few things for the week.

First: Lemon Jell-O Pudding Cake

I made a lemon Jell-O cake, lemon cake and lemon Jell-O, then I put lemon pudding in the cool whip I put on top.

Second: Cupcakes

I took a white cake mix, divided the batter in half, added cinnamon to one half and almond extract to the other.  Made them into cupcakes and left them un-iced.  That way I could crave my sweat tooth with a little fewer calories.

Third: Freeze and Go Breakfast Sandwiches

I am really liking those Egg White Delights at McDonald’s.   So I was excited when I pinned this pin on Pintrest.  Sunday night I made them!  I made mine with wheat English muffins, Canadian Bacon, Egg Whites, and White Cheddar Cheese.  I only made six instead of the twelve since I am the only one eating them and I am not feeding a whole family.