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He Did It

Congratulations to Jason from Kentucky for winning Food Network Star.  I can’t wait to see what kinda of show he will have.  I know it will be entertaining for sure.  I might be able to convert my mom to a Food Network junkie after all.  

Food Network Star

Well I guess Sunday is the day we find out if Bobby and Giada think Jason from Kentucky has what it takes to be on the Food Network.  I can’t wait to see who wins.  I’m just so happy that Matthew is not one of the final three.  I actually don’t mind all three of the finalists but Jason is hands down my favorite.  And I’m not just saying that since he’s one from Kentucky and two my mom has actually met him.  I say that because he is so funny and keeps me laughing.  Team Jason all the way! 

I’m in Schock 

I was left speechless after last night’s Food Network Star.  (Spoiler Alert if you are watching it and have not seen last night’s yet.)  I thought for sure Cory would make it to the end, so I was schocked when he was eliminated.  I thought it would be Cory and Jason as the last two standing.  So I am not sure what to think right now.  I will keep watching because we are Team Jason all the way in my house but I thought Cory was really good too.  

Why Food Network Why

I do not know why I bother watching Food Network Star, I never like the winner.  Last night’s winner was my least favorite by far.  I think she is so annoying!  I will definitely not be tuning in to her show.  I would have loved to watch a show by the runner up, but that’s not happening.  I don’t understand it Food Network, why!?