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No More, I’m Done 

This will be my last post about it I promise. I just have a few more things I have to get off my chest, so sorry. The two things that bother me most about this whole thing: are not that they went to Disney without us, heck we are going without them in a few weeks. One that after all the planning and money I put out to go in October I did not even get a “thanks for your hard work” or a “sorry that we had to cancel all your hard work”. I had the perfect trip planned for those kids and now there are down there half butting it. The other thing is she didn’t even have the nerve to tell us she was going, we had to find out from my aunt that she and the kids were going with my uncle. How nervy is that? After my parents paid for almost everything last year when we went to Florida in October and the Smoky Mountains for Thanksgiving. We have never hidden any of our vacation plans. I’m done with her. I will be civil for the kid’s sake and my cousin’s but I am done otherwise.  

A Sad Moment for this Southern Belle

Well it is official: there will be no Disney World in October.  My cousin and his wife have hit a little finicial patch and Disney had to go.  I am not going to lie this Souther Belle was quit upset but I have moved on.  I am trying for a May Adult Only Trip!  We are still going to Flordia, just Tampa/Clearwater/St Petersburg insted.  Of couce I tried real hard for the Outer Banks.  If I can’t go to my #2 happy place I’d at least like to go to my #1 happy place.  But dad has to go for work so we are making the best of it.  If I can make the May trip to Disney work then I will atleast be going to both happy places next year.




End of Summer

It’s hard to believe that the end of summer is almost here.  It feels like just yesterday I was pulling out the capris and buying new flip flops.  I am not looking forward to fall because no sooner fall starts then winter is here and so is the snow.  I love flip flop weather, I am not ready for cooler weather.  On the plus side I am going to Florida in November so that means flip flops!

Swapping Sweat at Disney World? 

I consider myself a pretty big Disney Fan but you could not pay me to go to Disney World in June, July, or August. Not only is it the most crowded time of year it is also the hottest time of year in Florida. It’s not much of a happy place when you are stuck in hot tight courters with all those hot sweaty people. That’s right a million dollars would not even get me to go swap sweat with a stranger while waiting in 100 degree heat for over an hour to ride It’s A Small World. No thank you! I will take my AC back here in K-Y. Don’t get me wrong it is crowded all year long and Florida is warm pretty much all year, but I would much rather take on the crowds in early May or October. At least then it’s a little cooler and the sweat swapping may be at a minimum. 


Well winter has kicked our butts this week and it is not done yet.  We had snow two days this week, now we have subzero temps, and we are supposed to get more snow tonight.  Oh goody!  I may just be ready for a move to Florida.  It was cold, for them, there too though.  Hopefully this is the last of this kind of weather.  Spring can not get here fast enough for me.  Dreaming of a warm beach!

2014 Where Have You Gone?

It’s hard to believe that is less than two weeks we will be counting down till the stroke of midnight and the New Year will be upon us.  This year has actually been a pretty good year.  I turned 30 this year which I celebrated by going to Disney World.  The kids moved from South Dakota to home, now there are just a short drive away.  I have loved every moment I have been able to spend with them since they moved back and look forward to many more to come.  I got to go back to my beloved Outer Banks, and got to introduce it to someone new.  I got to spend a week in Florida in November.  I got to see Garth Brooks in concert, which was amazing.  I still have a few extra pounds to lose and to find my “career” but I can do that next year.  I hope all of you had a good 2014, it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.  Hopefully 2015 will be a great year for everyone. 

The Return

Well it was back to reality today.  After being off last week and in sunny Florida it was back to the old grind today.  The alarm was back to going off before 5 am, and I was back to driving to work in the dark.  Then after work getting gas and going to the grocery store.  I’m ready for another week off and that was just after one day back.

A Lost Art Form

One of the things I do every time I am on a week-long vacation is send post cards.  That’s right I said post cards!  I know it is a lost art form but I love personally writing out post cards and mailing them.  I especially love sending them to the little kids because they love getting mail but I mail them to the big kids too.  From Disney earlier this year I sent almost 20 post cards.  I sent post cards from the Outer Banks last month and I will be sending some from Florida when I go this month.  I actually collect post cards too.  Sometimes I think post cards can capture something about the place you are visiting that you may not be able to.  Don’t get me wrong I love taking pictures while on vacation too but sometimes a post card just says it better and to me that is worth the $0.25 or so to remember something by.  Next time you take a vacation maybe you should send someone you love a post card from the road.

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Southern Belle Travels: Florida in November

This Southern Belle is getting ready to go to Florida in the next few weeks.  I have never been to Florida in November so this should be interesting.  We are going to the Gulf side again.  The Gulf side is really pretty.  We may go to Disney one night for Mickey’s Christmas Party, but not sure yet.  We have always said we would love to see Disney at Christmas and this might just be our year.  It will be a little sad that we are not staying at Disney this time but we are only going for one night, if we go at all.  I’m hoping to do a little Christmas shopping while I’m there.  One word Tervis!  Their factory store is a short drive from where we are staying.  I’m hoping to find some good deals!