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Southern Belle Favorite: InstaCollage Pro

InstaCollage Pro is an app I have on my iPhone.  I love this app!  You can make collages out of your photos.  This app has so many different styles of collages, frame options, stickers, and background colors that can be added.  This is ideally for making collages for Instagram but you can save them to your phone too.  I have even had one printed for a project I was working on.  They are so much fun and for someone who likes taking pictures and getting crafty with her pictures this app is great for me.  Now the pro edition does cost a few dollars and there is a free edition but the pro has so much more to offer,  so I feel it is worth the cost.


Southern Belle Favorite: Free Prints

I found an app last week that if it works as good as it sounds could quickly become a favorite.  It’s called Free Prints, and it is supposed to be just that, an app where you can order free prints of pictures on your phone and all you have to pay is the shipping.  I love taking photos and a lot of times I take them on my phone because it is handy.  I placed my first order last week so I will keep you posted on if it really works or not. 


Southern Belle Favorite: Zazzle

I just found a website/app that could really get this Southern Belle into some trouble.  Zazzle, and it is a creative minds paradise  not to mention a small business owner.  You can get anything from Business Cards to Wedding Invitations and customized photo products.  What’s not to love?!  I have already placed three orders and it’s only been a little over a week since I found it.  Plus if you pay $9.95 a year you can get free shipping.  Now apparently they have been around for ten years now but I’m just coming out from under the rock I live in.  Check it out, this website could easily become my new addiction.