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Duke’s Mayo Cake 

If you live in the south you have probably heard of Duke’s Mayo.  I first saw Duke’s in a store in the Outer Banks a few years ago. Well it starting to make its way to my part of Kentucky and they have been advertising the crap out of it.  One of the commerical’s they show is for a chocolate cake made with Duke’s.  I had someone request one.  So I thought I would try it out on my co-workers first.  Oh my gosh!  It is wonderful.  It is so moist and rich.  It might be my go to chocolate cake recipe now.  I have made it three times now.  I have made it twice with chocolate icing and once with peanut butter icing.  Personally I think the chocolate icing is better but the peanut butter was good too.  You can find the recipe on their website.