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Disney Week Day 7: The Ears, The Magic Bands, and Beyond


  • A must purchase at Disney is the Mickey ears.  Every where you look someone is wearing one of the hats or headbands.  I have sure spent my fair share or them.  I have purchased my fare of Mickey ears.  Last year I purchased four pairs and I purchased one more this year.
  • I loved the Magic Bands!  I thought they were a great idea and I think it has room to expand.  It was nice not to worry about loosing a plastic card that was your room key and entrance to the parks.  It was nice knowing your key to the world was right there on your wrist.  They did get a little hot and sweaty in the heat but still worth having it so handy.
  • I did not end up getting a Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae.  I really wanted one but was never hungry enough for the ice cream.  I have a plan B though.
  • I went to Disney World as a kid but I find as I get older I like it more and want to go there more.