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Disney Photo Week Day 7

What better way to finish off a Southern Belle’s Disney Photo Week than with a true vision of the South. I love Port Orleans Riverside because a Southern Belle can feel like a Southern Belle there, especially in Magnolia Bend.  This picture is of part of Magnolia Bend, which is my favorite side,  in my opinion Alligator Bayou is more dark and boring.  It doesn’t feel as homey to me as Magnolia Bend does.  But overall I love the old sourtherm charm I get from Riverside. 

Disney Photo Week Day 6

Fantasmic!  Need I say more.  Hollywood Studios nightly show just might be my favorite.  And this just might be my favorite part.  I love when the boat comes out and Steamboat Willie is driving.  And then all the other characters start waving and it’s just fun. 

Disney Photo Week Day 5

A few years ago when I was able to go in November it was the same year the Osborne Spectucal of Lights made it’s final appearance at Hollywood Studios.  Now that was something to see!  The way the streets of America would light up with thousands of Christmas lights each night.  But of course now the streets of America are gone and so are the Christmas lights. 

Disney Photo Week Day 4

I got to see the Main Street Electrical Parade a few times before it went back to Disneyland.  I’m glad I got to see it and I’m going to miss it.  It really is something to see.  But I’m glad it didn’t go away all together.  With so must stuff leaving forever I’m glad the Main Street Electrical Parade wasn’t one of those things and at least it can be enjoyed by others. 

Disney Photo Week Day 2

I love this picture from EPCOT.  I took it from Germany in the World Showcase and I love that the monorail can be seen through the trees.  I love how the giant white ball of Spaceship Earth  is surrended by the beautiful blue Florida sky.  EPCOT is probably my least favorite of the four parks but its sights like this, and the flower and garden show, that keeps me coming back.