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Back From Vacation 

Last week was my Outer Banks vacation.  We got back Sunday and by Monday I was ready to go back.  Well actually, I didn’t want it to end to begin with, so I guess it was more like my desire to stay had increased by Monday.  I have never needed a vacation as much as I did last week. It was so good to relax and enjoy the salt air, read as I was watching the tides, and spend time with my aunt. Since my grandma passed away a few years ago, she moved about 45 minutes to an hour away, and all the hustle and bustle of everyday means I don’t see her as much as I used to.  So it was good to have a week to “catch up”.  We took a sunset dolphin cruise and a wild horse tour.  Plus we ate dinner together every night and breakfast together almost every morning.  The house we rented was amazing.  What more could we have asked for?  It was just what this Southern Belle needed. 

Outer Banks Vacation: Putt Putt

One of the things we did last week one evening was play putt putt golf.  There is a cute Corolla themed putt putt place in Corolla.  Complete with a mini lighthouse, Whalehead Club, and wild horses.  This is newer since we started going to the Outer Banks but this was our second time playing there.  I’m not good at putt putt golf but we had fun.  It was a windy night the night we played so that made it a little interesting.  I do think the wind helped with some of the movements of a few of the putts.  But we had fun, that’s all that matters.  The next time I play putt putt will probably be the next time I’m in the Outer Banks. 





Outer Banks Vacation: Wild Horse Tour

My favorite thing to do in the Outer Banks is the wild horse tour.  I really like seeing the wild horses but for me the best part is the bumpy ride driving on the beach getting to where the horses are.  That’s right driving on the beach.  The wild horses are in protected land that starts after 12 ends and the 4 wheel drive area starts.   This year we took the Hummer horse tour.  It was Great!.  These are special hummers and they really were great for the ride on the beach and seeing the horses.  They are open aired so I had the ocean air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.  I can’t wait to go again.  I hope they keep the hummers.

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Outer Banks Vacation: Where We Stayed

This was not my first trip to the Outer Banks, it was my fifth.  And I fall more in love with the place each time.  We always stay in the Town of Corolla.  Which is the most North Town on 12.  It’s where the road ends and the wild horses start to roam.  Corolla is also the home of the Currituck Lighthouse.  We love it there! We always stay in one of the many rental houses.  This year our rental was beach front.  It was great.  We could see dolphins playing in the ocean from the deck and every morning I woke up to the most amazing sunrises.  It was really hard to leave this time.  I am already looking forward to going back, although I’m not real sure when that might be.


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