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A Letter To My Readers

Dear Readers,


First, I want to thank you my readers for sticking with me as I find the right path for Southern Belle Charm.  I love writing this Blog!  So with that being said I think its time to make a few changes and take Southern Belle Charm in a different direction.  No I am not giving up the blog, in fact I could not give it up, it is my “baby” and I want to see it grow.  So I have decided no more certain day blog posts with a certain topic.  For now on its going to be all random all the time, so the posts could be on any given day and about any given thing.  I will still have posts time from time about NASCAR, Cooking, or Reading.  Because all three of these are a big part of my life, but writing is my passion.  I hope you enjoy the changes and again Thank You for reading and sticking with me.

Angela M

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: After Vacation

This week so far nothing has been cooking.  With just getting back from vacation I have been to the store yet.  I should make some lemon bars this week and I want to make some jerk pulled pork, but those may have to wait till Sunday.  I need a vacation from my vacation.  Hopefully next week I will get back to cooking.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Corn Salsa

Today was another food day at work and today I made Black Bean and Corn Salsa to take to work, plus a Red Velvet cake. But I am focusing on the Black Bean and Corn Salsa right now. It was a big hit. Here is how I made it…

1 can of summer crisp corn drained
1 can black beans drained and rinsed
1 can rotel drained
Cilantro to your liking
Red Onions to your liking
Juice of 1 lime (maybe 1 1/2 if small)

Mix everything together and serve. (It is better if the salsa has time to cool before serving but may not always be an option.)



Please Note: I found this recipe on the internet somewhere a few years ago and do not remember where.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Yesterday for the sweats cook-off I made my Chocolate Strawberry Poke Cake.  I did not win but I had a lot of people tell me they really liked it.

Here is how I made it…


1) Took a triple chocolate cake mix and made and cooked as it said on the box.

2) Let cake cool

3) Once the cake is cool, take two small boxes of white chocolate pudding and whisk with 4 cups of milk.

4) Poke holes in the cooled cake, and pour the pudding mixture over the cake.

5) Put the cake in the fridge over night.

6) For the icing: mix 1 container of cool whip and 3/4 a can of strawberry pie filling together and spread over cake.

7) ENJOY!!!!

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Planning A Head

This week I have done no cooking but next week I will be.  Next week is National Lab Week and since I work in a medical lab we are celebrating Lab Week.  And since I am on the planning committee and I know already what we have in store for next week.  One of the things we are doing is a baking contest.  So I will have to bake something for that, I just haven’t quite figured out what it will be yet.  I will keep you posted on what I finally decide on, how it turned out, and how I did in the contest.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Trying Something New

This week I tried something new.  I love the corn pudding at City Barbeque and after talking about it with somebody I work with she gave me a recipe to try.  This recipe can be found all over the internet but she gave it to me by word of mouth so I don’t know what website she actually got it from.

Here is what you need…

1 can of corn drained

1 can of creamed corn

1 box of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix

1 stick of butter

1 cup of sour cream


You mix everything together in a bowl, put it in a pan and bake at 400 for 40-50 minutes.


I think is better cold then right out of the oven.  I had some left and have been snacking on it cold and it is great!

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: What’s Not Cooking This Week

I started the week out with the attention of making two new recipes for lunch this week.  That went out the door very quickly.  I was going to make Creamy Bacon Fettuccine and Baked Penne.  I even purchased all the ingredients needed to make them.  The fettuccine recipe I found on Kraft’s website and the penne recipe I saw on Pinterest.  Lately I am “pinning it up” on Pintrest with recipes I want to try.  I am really starting to like packing my lunch, it gives me a reason to try new recipes.  Next week I am going to be better and make something to take for lunch everyday.  Check back next week and I will keep you posted on what I made and how it was.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: What’s Cooking This Week

I know this is going to sound weird but this week for lunch I made “Open Faced Hanky Panky Sandwiches”.  Laugh if you want but they are good.


Here is what I used…


2 Rolls Reduced Fat Pork Sausage

2 Blocks Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Fat Free Half & Half

1/2 Teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder

1/2 Teaspoon Oregano


I browned the sausage and drained the fat.  Then I melted the cheese with a little bit of the half and half.  Once the cheese was melted I mixed everything together.  To serve I take a multi-grain flat round sandwich bread, lay the two halves out, cover them with the hanky panky mixture, and enjoy.


Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Birthdays Times 2

This week two of the ladies at work have a Birthday so today was “food day”.  Since there were two birthdays and two different tastes I made two things and took them in.  I made a Carmel Tres Leches Cake and Almond Cheesecake Bars.  The Tres Leches Cake recipe I got off of Duncan Hines’ website and the Cheesecake Bars recipe I got off of Taste of Home’s website.   The people at work loved them!  Personally I thought the cheesecake bars could have used a little more almond taste and I think some raspberry flavor of some kind could have helped too.  I was hoping the caramel iced tres leches cake would taste like a bull’s-eye candy.  Since I am not a big fan of caramel myself I don’t really have a thought on how it tasted or what it needed.  It was really nice to bake two things last night to take in today.  I love baking, I find it my stress reliever and I haven’t taken the time to really do it in a while now.  It felt good, I miss it and I should make more time for my baking.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: In Search of Lunch Ideas

This week I am on the hunt for some healthy, budget friendly, lunch ideas.  I’m packing my lunch or at least trying to pack my lunch everyday.  It’s hard to find to find something that can be made ahead of time, is healthy for you, and doesn’t break the bank.  This week I made homemade vegetable soup.  It was good but it didn’t do a whole heck of a lot for me.  It sounded good and it tasted good but it really just didn’t cut it for me.  I need something fun and exciting, something I can’t wait all morning to eat.  Also something that will keep me full, I am always wanting to snack and I am really trying not too.  Any ideas?





Sorry this is a few days late.   I thought this posted the Wednesday evening, but it did not I found it in my drafts tonight.