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Christmas Wish List

Here are a few items on my Christmas Wish List…

When did I reach the point in my life where I would much rather have kitchen items than fun gadgets for Christmas?  Maybe it has been since I have become a food network junkie or since I have turned 30, I’m no real sure.  Last year I was super excited to get a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, which I am in love with.  Next year I might want pots and pans, you just never know.  Some women my age want rings and necklaces and not something for the kitchen at all.  Not me I’d much rather have cookbooks and cast iron over gold and silver.  

25 Things About Me (16-20)

16) Over the past few years I have picked up an obsession for purchasing cookbooks and aprons.

17) I discovered I really like the taste of champagne, especially peach, this year.  (Something I tried for my 30th Birthday)

18) I am fascinated by the Civil War and love Antebellum homes.

19) If I’m in Nashville the Grand Ole Opry is a must for me.  I love the tradition of the Opry.

20) I think you are never too old to go to Disney World!

Hello to My Readers

Welcome to Southern Belle Charm, my name is Angela.  In my heart I am a Southern Belle.  Here’s is a little 411 on me.

I love NASCAR!  I have a few favorite drives.  My favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks of NC, my second favorite vacation spot is Rapid City, SD.  I know two totally different ends of the spectrum.  I love to read!  “Gone With the Wind” is my favorite book and one of my favorite movies.  “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” maybe my favorite movie though.  My other favorite kinds of books include Romance and Christian Fiction.  I love to bake!  And I am starting to dive into the world of cooking a little bit more.  It seems as of late I have started a Cookbook Collection.  I love dogs and in fact of two of them.