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War Flowers Movie

If you know me or have read this blog for a while you know I have a love for the civil war.  Last weekend I watched a movie on Amazon Prime that has left a lasting impression on me.  The movie was called War Flowers.  It was not the best movie I have seen or even the worst but there was something about it that just left me speechless.  It was about a young Southern mother whose husband is off fighting and when the war comes to their own back yard and a Yankee solider is left behind wounded and dying she has to make the tough decision does she nurse him back to health or let him die.  I know this is a decision a lot of woman on both sides had to make on during the war.  But the thing that left such a lasting impression on me is at the end of the movie when all the pieces of the puzzle are connected.

Civil War Romances

Sunday night/Monday morning I did something I have not done in years.  I stayed up half the night, on a work night, reading/finishing a book.  I can not believe I did that but I was enjoying that book so much.  The culprit…

In fact I really got my reading groove back on, I read two Civil War Romances this past weekend.  I have not read two books in one weekend ever, I don’t think.  I had a craving for Civil War romance this past weekend it seems.  The other book I read was…

I really enjoyed both of these books.  They were a nice change of pace from all the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.  I find it funny that most of the civil war romances on the market have the southern belle falling for the union solider.  There are a few out there where the southern gentleman/solider falls for the northern girl.  Heather Graham did a series of three books that covered those two bases and added the move west for the third.  Those books were really good too.  They were One Wore Blue, One Wore Gray, And One Rode West.  I would highly recommend all of these books.



My Journey Into The Heart of Southern Belle Country: The Homes

Natchez has many beautiful antebellum homes.  We only saw four of them.  One was more beautiful than the next.  The most interesting might be Longwood.  This house was being built with the Civil War broke out and the house was never finished. 


Stanton Hall




Southern Belle Reads: 2015= Civil War Year

Next year will make the 150 Anniversary of the End of the Civil War.  So with that in mind and with that fact that I have been watching North and South, and loving it, I have decided that 2015 will be the year of the Civil War.  I am going to pick 12 books that are civil war related and I will read one each month.  Here is my list so far…

1) North and South
2) Love and War
3) Heaven and Hell
4) Ruth’s Journey
5) Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker
6) The Spymistress
7) Women of Magnolia
8) All Things New
9) River Oak Plantation
10) The Rebel Wife
11) A Blue and Gray Christmas

25 Things About Me (16-20)

16) Over the past few years I have picked up an obsession for purchasing cookbooks and aprons.

17) I discovered I really like the taste of champagne, especially peach, this year.  (Something I tried for my 30th Birthday)

18) I am fascinated by the Civil War and love Antebellum homes.

19) If I’m in Nashville the Grand Ole Opry is a must for me.  I love the tradition of the Opry.

20) I think you are never too old to go to Disney World!