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Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday (On Saturday): Still Nothing New

Again this week I have not cooked anything.  I really need to start trying new recipes again.  I like cooking but it’s not as much fun cooking for myself as it could be if I had someone special to share my new food dishes with, but that is another issue in itself and I continue on.  I have so many things I think I want to try but never do.  I still want to try Chicken Soup.  I want to try Baked Spaghetti, some kind of taco thing, the list goes on and on.  Maybe next week I will pick back up my cooking.  I will keep you posted.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Cooking This Week

Well I have nothing cooking this week.  I want to make some chicken noodle soup sometime soon but is not going to happen this week.  I’m hoping to find a chicken noddle soup recipe that is healthy or at least somewhat healthy and that tastes like the chicken soup at Carrabba’s.  Hopefully I can find something.  I’m not a big Carrabba’s fan but I do like their chicken soup.   Wish me luck!  And I will keep you posted.