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I know it has been a while since I posted last so here are a few updates:


1) It’s less than 30 days now till my 30th Birthday Celebration Trip at Disney

2) My cousin and his wife are moving back which means my favorite five-year old (their daughter who is like a niece to me) and her baby brother are going to be closer!  That baby has already stolen my heart!

3) The down side to them moving back home, no more trips to South Dakota.  I have come to love that place.


Recent Books Read:

1) “Spring Fever” by: Mary Kay Andrews

2) “Wife by Wednesday” by: Catherine Bybee

3) “Married by Monday” by Catherine Bybee

4) “Fiancé by Friday” by Catherine Bybee

5) “Single by Saturday” by Catherine Bybee


Recent Dishes from the Kitchen:

1) More Pioneer Woman Baked Ziti

2) Raspberry Lemonade Cake

3) More Black Bean and Corn Salsa

4) Nutella Brownies

5) Chocolate Lover’s Poke Cake


I’ll follow up a few of these updates with blog posts very soon.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Food Day

Sorry this is a few days late, but I did part of that on purpose.  Friday was food day at work for our July Birthday.  So I wanted to share with you everything I made.  I made three things Black Bean and Corn Salsa, Edamame Hummus, and a Weight Watchers approved cake.

First Black Bean and Corn Salsa.  This is one of my favorite things! I found this recipe a few years ago when I did a Google search for black bean salsa, I don’t really remember what website I found it from and I have made is so much I can remember the recipe by heart.

1 Can Rotel Tomatoes drained’

1 Can Corn (I think summer crisp corn works the best) drained

1 Can Black Beans rinsed and drained

1/2 to 1 red onion (depending on the size of the onion)

Juice of 1 lime

A little cilantro for taste

Mix everything together and let sit at least over night.


Second Edamame Hummus.  I found this recipe in an e-book I purchased not too long ago titled “50 Delicious Snacks That Won’t Wreck Your Diet”.  I’m not a  big fan of hummus so this was a nice alternative to original hummus.

2 cups Edamame Boiled for at lest three minutes

About 6 Tablespoons Olive Oil

2-3 Cloves Crushed Garlic

A Dash of Salt

A little Paprika for taste

A little Cayenne Pepper for taste

Put everything in a food processor and combine until smoothly blended and has the hummus texture.


Third Weight Watchers Approved Cake.  I found this recipe by doing a Google search and there were many different websites with the same recipe so I’m not real sure which one I got it off of.

1 Cake Mix Any Flavor (I used Devil’s Food)

12 oz. Diet Soda Any Flavor (I used Diet Cherry)

Mix cake mix and soda together and bake like directions say.  I put cool whip out with my cake but it was just as good with nothing at all.



Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Corn Salsa

Today was another food day at work and today I made Black Bean and Corn Salsa to take to work, plus a Red Velvet cake. But I am focusing on the Black Bean and Corn Salsa right now. It was a big hit. Here is how I made it…

1 can of summer crisp corn drained
1 can black beans drained and rinsed
1 can rotel drained
Cilantro to your liking
Red Onions to your liking
Juice of 1 lime (maybe 1 1/2 if small)

Mix everything together and serve. (It is better if the salsa has time to cool before serving but may not always be an option.)



Please Note: I found this recipe on the internet somewhere a few years ago and do not remember where.