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Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday: Cooking Goal

I have decided that I really need to get back to trying new recipes.  So my goal from starting next week until the end of September (and probably even beyond that) is to try one new recipe a week and I will keep you posted on here.  I think the first thing I want to try is backed spaghetti.  Now of course I will probably give it my own twist, maybe a Southern Belle twist.  Time to get thinking about how I want to do this.  Check back next week for all the details.

Southern Belle Cooks Wednesday (On Saturday): Still Nothing New

Again this week I have not cooked anything.  I really need to start trying new recipes again.  I like cooking but it’s not as much fun cooking for myself as it could be if I had someone special to share my new food dishes with, but that is another issue in itself and I continue on.  I have so many things I think I want to try but never do.  I still want to try Chicken Soup.  I want to try Baked Spaghetti, some kind of taco thing, the list goes on and on.  Maybe next week I will pick back up my cooking.  I will keep you posted.