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Home Game by: Bret Boone

Growing up in Cincinnati Reds country and being a die hard Reds fan in the 90’s I was a Bret Boone fan.  Now of course once I learned about Aaron Boone, I was head over heels in love with him.  I was also a thirteen year old girl.  I was super excited about this book.  I actually ended up listening to the audio version, which was read by Bret Boone, so I actually thought that was made it even better.  It felt like he was telling me his story himself.  I loved this book!  I became a Bret & Aaron Boone fan all over again.  I was really impressed with the respect he had for Barry Larkin.  Larkin to my generation of Reds Fans was like Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron.  He was a local celebrity as was Ken Griffey Jr and he seemed to have respect for him as well.  I was actually one of the fans that was said when the Reds fired Bob Boone as their manager which led to the trade of Aaron Boone as well.  It was thy day Aaron Boone was traded that my die hard fandom for the Reds ended.  I was a Boone girl through and trough and he was the last Boone standing as a Red.  I am thankful that Bret Boone not only wrote this book but took the time to narrate the audio version as well.  I feel like through this book I was given an inside look into the Boone Family.  It was interesting to read that the Boone patriarch passed away on the same day and year as my aunt.  From what I can tell two very special people were taken from this world on that day.  Two special people that have lots of people still missing them.  Thank You Brett Boone for giving not only me but all who read your book a glimpse into the Boone Family.

31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 10: First Celebrity Crush 

My first celebrity crush was Aaron Boone. I’m not sure how much of a celebrity he was but I was in love with him. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he was the Cincinnati Reds 3rd Baseman for many years back in the late 90’s. I carried baseball cards of him in my purse, I had tons of pictures and newspaper clippings of him on my wall, I even took tons of pictures of his butt. I was a teenage girl in love, now looking back, what was I thinking?

25 Things About Me (1-5)

1) My first celebrity crush was Aaron Boone.

2) My favorite comfort food is rice and gravy.  White rice with white pepper gravy.  So Good!

3) One of the things on my bucket list is to go to the Hamptons.

4) I prefer older country music to the modern country music.  No one could sing a love song like Conway Twitty.

5) I can quote “Gone With The Wind” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.