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31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 24: A Difficult Time in my Life

A difficult time in my life was when my aunt passed away.  She was not only my aunt but a friend too.  So when she passed away it left a whole in my life.  That hole has slowly been filling up, especially since her grandkids, my sorta nieces and nephew, have been born or come into our family.  I can’t help but think from time to time how much my aunt would be tickled with each and every one of them.

31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 16: Dream Job

My dream job would be were I could travel and write about it.  I love seeing this US through the window of a car/van/truck/suv.  And I skulking write about that view for people to read.

31Day Blogging Challenge Day 15: Timeline of My Day

Monday through Friday
0440- Wake up
0500- Shower
0530- Get Dressed
0610- Leave House for Work
0700- Clock in at Work
1130- Lunch
1215- Back to Work from Lunch
1530- Clock out at Work
2045- Friday’s Only Dinner at Outback
What happens after that depends on the day and what else I might have going on.

Saturday and Sunday
Whatever whenever