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2015 A Year of Change

Hopefully 2015 will be the year of change.  I need to make many in my life and hopefully I can get it done this year.  I am happy in my life but I know there is so much more out there for me, I just need to find it and have the courage to change things in order to help me find what I am looking for.  I have lived my life in my little shell afraid of what might be lurking out there but now I have to come out of that shell and face what is standing in my way.  And then I know I will be extremely happy with my life not just happy.  Here’s to 2015 being the year of change!

2014 Where Have You Gone?

It’s hard to believe that is less than two weeks we will be counting down till the stroke of midnight and the New Year will be upon us.  This year has actually been a pretty good year.  I turned 30 this year which I celebrated by going to Disney World.  The kids moved from South Dakota to home, now there are just a short drive away.  I have loved every moment I have been able to spend with them since they moved back and look forward to many more to come.  I got to go back to my beloved Outer Banks, and got to introduce it to someone new.  I got to spend a week in Florida in November.  I got to see Garth Brooks in concert, which was amazing.  I still have a few extra pounds to lose and to find my “career” but I can do that next year.  I hope all of you had a good 2014, it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.  Hopefully 2015 will be a great year for everyone.