Southern Belle Reads: Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee

I just finished another wonderful Catherine Bybee novel. Not Quite Crazy is the sixth book in the Not Quite Series. This is the third of the Fairchild brothers (Jason) road to love. Although Jason is the oldest of the three flying crazy siblings and the head of the family business but he is the last of the billionaire brothers to find love. In this book I also got to catch up with some old friends from the earlier books. I’m not sure if this is the end of the series but if it is not I know who I would love to see find love next. Now that I think about it more there are actually two people I would like to see find love next. So I really hope this is not the end of the series.

Southern Belle Reads: Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series

Sunday night I finished the first book and started the second book in the Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series by Phoebe T. Eggli. These are not the best written books but they are just what I need right now. A nice easy read where not much thinking is required. I like a more complex book but right now I have so much going on it’s nice to have something less complex. There are three total in the series and they are such easy reads that as long as I find time to read I should be able to get the other two out within the next week/week in a half. And they are based in the Outer Banks so that in itself makes them a must read for me.

Southern Belle Reads: My Heart is Still in the Outer Banks

I finished the last book in the Dare Island Series over the weekend and my plan was to start The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe. And I did but I was not ready to leave the Outer Banks behind for the South Carolina Low country. So I started The Outer Banks Baker Mystery.

Southern Belle Reads: Dare Island Series

Well I am starting the last book in the Dare Island Series today. It is bittersweet, I like moving on to a new series but I will miss the characters from this series. That is the best part about series the characters start to feel like family/friends. The other down side about finishing this series is no more Outer Banks. I loved feeling like I was back in the Outer Banks while reading these. But I have tons of options at home on which direction to head next. I am not lacking on book choices that is for sure.

Southern Belle Reads: Breaking Out of the Funk

For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to getting off work and going home and reading. I have found my reading groove again! I love reading and really hate when I get into a reading funk. This week I have been reading before I get in the shower, after the shower, and even before I start work, but most importantly I finished a book I started in November. It is hard to explain how nice it feels to not have that unfinished book staring at you day in and day out and you don’t have an urge to pick it up and finish it.

Southern Belle Reads: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken is the most recent book to be made into a Passionflix Film and you know how I am about reading the book before I watch the movie. I tried and tried and tried to read this book but I could never get into it, so I converted to listening to the book and even then I had a hard time staying focused on it. It was just not my kind of book. I will still watch the movie but the book was just so so. I had a really hard time liking the main characters, and if you can’t like them then it will make for a long book. The only cool thing about this book is the kindle ebook version is it is a kindle in motion book. This was my first experience with one of these and it was really cool. Some of the pages have pictures and movement on them it was a nice surprise to turn a page and have some color and graphics to your book.

Southern Belle Reads: What I’ve Been Listening To

As I’ve mentioned before I love listening to audiobooks in the car. Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately.

Currently I am on book two, story three (the first was a novella) of a series by J S Scott called the Sinclairs. The series is about four billionaire brothers finding love in a small costal town. There is more than four books so I’m not sure where the other billionaire Sinclairs are coming from.

Before I started these I listened to Darker (Fifty Shades Dark from Christian’s point of view).