Potty Training 

A few months ago the kids’ mommy started potty training the three year old.  None of us knew what an adventure that was going to be.  He took to peeing in the potty pretty quickly but pooping in the potty was a whole other story.  I didn’t think he would ever be fully potty trained.    When you tried to talk to him about it he just ignored you or changed the subject.  I even started download kindle books about pooping in the potty to read to him since he loved reading Peter Rabbit so much.  The last book I downloaded might have been the winner because it seems like the very next day he took to pooping in the potty and hasn’t turned back.  The book I read to him Super Pooper.

After he was pooping on the potty for a few weeks I found this postcard and mailed it to him congratulating him on becoming a super pooper.

Oh the things an Auntie will do.

Turning 16

This weekend we have a birthday party for the oldest of the four kiddos who turned Sixteen last week.  I can’t believe she is sixteen already.  It seems like just yesterday she became a part of our family.  I don’t remember how old she was when her mommy started dating my cousin but I think she was eight or nine.  And now she is old enough to drive a car.  In the blink of an eye (two years) she will be graduating high school and starting college.  I wish I could stop them all from growing.  Happy 16th Birthday Miss M!

My Weekend 

My weekend was filled with kids, cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones, and merry-go-round rides. Saturday we went to this little family owned amusement park that is rented out for company picnics. The kids had a blast. I don’t know how many times the two year old rode the merry-go-round. And the three year old loved the little roller coaster. As for me I ate way too much cotton candy (hey it was free and I haven’t had cotton candy in years) and ate two chocolate ice cream cones. It was fun acting like a kid again and making memories with the little ones. And probably most importantly we hade perfect weather. Sunday was a day for rest and relaxation. And now it’s already Monday again and work is calling.  

Brininging Up Disney Kids 

I am doing my part to make these kids Disney loving kids!  I’m the one that bought them their much loved Mickey and Minnie blankets, now known as DeeDee.  I bought each of them their first pair of ears.  They each have kindle fires for when they are out with us, with Disney movies downloaded on them.  I have five or six Disney Sing Along DVD’s they love watching in the car.  And last week our newest thing was watching youtube videos of Disney World rides.  And these are just a few of the things I can think of right now.  

Starting a New Tradition 

When I was younger my parents usally only went out of town for their annivarsary and even then they would just go to Gatlingburg for the weekend.  But one those rare occasions that they did I would stay with my aunt and grandma.  When I was staying with my aunt she would read me a Beatrix Potter story.  She had the complete box collection and I loved those stories.  Last week while we had the kids I read the three year old the Tale of Peter Rabbit the first night.  I thought if anything maybe we would read a few different Beatrix Potter stories while we where there but he only wanted Peter Rabbit.  One night while we were reading he tiold me he loved me and another night after my mom offered to read he told her only I could.  The biggestes difference between my aunt’s reading to me and me reading to him; my Beatrix Potter collection is on my kindle, but it works.  

Time for Me

This weekend I finally had time for me.  I saw the Beauty and the Beast movie.  I read a book, or at least I finished a book I started earlier in the week.  But it has been a long time since I have been able to finish a book in under a week.  And I think this is the start of more time for me.  I love those kids but they are taking up way too much of my time and I’m starting to feel used.  So I have decided it is time to step back a bit.  I’m tired of being the one that plans everything and doesn’t even get thanked for it, and when I say plan I mean pay for things too.  My credit card will not be leaving my wallet for these kids like it has in the past.  And no more dropping what I’m doing just for those kids.  I know it’s really not the kids fault but it has to start somewhere for the picture to be gotten by all involved.  This Southern Belle is fed up and its time to make my point.

Bringing Up Disney Kids

Would I love to see the two little ones faces the first time they see the castle or ride Winnie the Pooh?  Of course, but it’s not going to happen.  We tried, oh how we tried to make it happen last year but it was not in the cards.  Well now their mommy is going to Florida with their grandpa and they are taking them to Disney for the first time.  I’m not going to lie, part of me is sad but an even larger part of me is releaved.  My gut tells me this is a disaster in the making.  Those kids really are not ready for Disney, and especially Disney at Spring Break/Easter week.  I will be back “home” in 4.5 weeks and I know my trip will be much nicer and with less stress.  There will be other Disney Trips where we can take the kids and I have a feeling their mommy will be thankful to have Auntie planned trip(s) in the future.