5 & 10 Reading: Time to Start Back Up

When I first thought up my 5 & 10 Reading my original intention was for it to be a way to get some self-help reading into my life. You know the books you want to read but really can’t bring yourself to read (or at least for me). My thought 5 pages each morning Monday through Friday (before getting ready for work) and 10 pages a day on Saturday, Sunday, Vacation Day, and Holiday (the days I don’t have to go to work). I was doing okay at first then I had to make some changes to my morning routine which took away some of my downtime and I let my 5 & 10 Reading slip away. But now I have been able to make some changes in my morning routine that gives me my downtime back. So I have decided to start my 5 & 10 Reading back up and I’m starting with more inspirational/motivational books for a while and then move into the self help books. These are books that I really want to read but my romances always won out. It might take me two months to read one book but at least I’m getting some different types of books into my reading.

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