A Little This and A Little That

🥣 My comfort food getting me through all this, chicken noodle soup and peanut butter crackers. I eat that for lunch almost every day right now.

🍕 And apparently pepperoni because now all of a sudden I can’t get enough pepperoni.

🍽 I am so sick of dishes. Every night we have a ton of dishes. (We typically eat out A LOT, so we don’t usually have to do dishes every night.)

🥤 My Iced Tea consumption has gone up and my Diet Coke consumption has gone down.

🥩 I think it is safe to say we miss our waitress at Outback.

🏖 Part of me wishes I lived in the Outer Banks (a dream of mine) so I would have least had a beautiful place to stay in plus it is my comfort place.

😴 I am official tired of all the Hallmark Movies.

🇺🇸 My new favorite show is America Says on Game Show Network.

📚 I’ve gotten into my reading mode and have finished a few books now.

🎁 This past Sunday the youngest turned 5 and hate that her birthday feel during this crazy time. We will just have to celebrate as soon as we can.

🌷 I hope everyone has a wonderful Social Distancing Easter this coming Sunday.

🌺 Thanks for following Southern Belle Charm Blog.

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