Cowboy Christmas Redemption by: Maisey Yates 

(Personal Note: This is a book in a series of books and there are actually a few before it.  While this can be read as a stand alone and it was the first book of the series I read, I personally wish I had more exposure to the series before reading this book.  I have plans to change that in the new year.)

Who doesn’t want a cowboy for Christmas?  I know I would gladly take one.  Well, that might just be what the main character, Ellie Bell, will be getting for her Christmas gift.  And to top it off her cowboy could just be her best friend, Caleb Dalton.  

Ellie sets out to start moving on after her husband passed away but her plan may just bring gifts she wasn’t planning for and turning her life upsidedown at the same time.  While some parts of this book where a little slow for me.  I really did enjoy reading it and can’t wait to strart reading the complete series in the new year.  

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