Gone (but never forgotten)

15 years already, how can it be? Some days it feels like just yesterday and others it seems so far away. The details of that day stand out in my mind but then again when you lose a friend/family member why wouldn’t they. You were way too young and you had lost your fight.

I wish you were still here, there are so many things I would love to share with you. The most important your grandkids. I know I am not technically their aunt but I hope I am a close stand in (I had a few good teachers you being one of them). I know there are some books we would love to talk about. All I’m going to say is I think you would have enjoyed Christian.

I am going to tell the kids all about you and how much you would have loved being their grandma. Mom and I have enough love to give them for all three of us don’t you worry.

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