A Surprise Find

As a daughter of a firefighter growing up no matter how hard we tried firefighting was all around me. My first dog was a Dalmatian who needed a fire name, so I was told. As an 8 year old girl that’s a little hard to do, so her name was Ariel, which ended up being two fold. The Little Mermaid was newly out (and being the Disney obsessed kid that I was) and the fire department had just bought their first Ariel fire truck (that big shinny new truck was amazing in my eight year olds eyes). The first R rated movie I saw was Backdraft I felt special being able to watch such adult movie at such a young age, plus I thought William Baldwin was pretty cute. To this day I still like that movie and stop on it if I see it on TV. Well guess my surprise this weekend when I found Backdraft 2 on Netflix, and noticed at least two of the original stars were in it, yes one being William Baldwin. I started watching it but didn’t get to finish it, but I will.

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