Falling In and Out of Love

I am not an expert on this and I am not going to say I am but when you “fall out of love” with someone you have been in a relationship with for over ten years shouldn’t you properly mourn/grieve the loss of that relationship before jumping right into another? I know so many friends/family/coworkers that have jumped out of one long term relationship (marriage or dating) and right into the next. I feel like if I ended a long term relationship like that I would want to properly grieve the loss of that relationship before I moved on to someone else. If you have dedicated that much time, energy and your heart to someone for so long how can you heart be instantly healed by someone else? I’m still grieving relationships that never were. I know it is not my place to judge I just wondering if these people know what they are getting themselves into. In my opinion it is just setting them up to get hurt more.

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