My Passion for Writing

I’m pretty sure I got my passion for writing from my grandpa. I can remember being on vacation with him as a child and him sitting at the desk or table writing out post cards. I still send postcards from vacation, sent at least seven from Disney World last month. I even think my grandpa was a “blogger” before blogger was even a word and computers were in every home and school. My grandpa kept in his shirt pocket a four color pen and a black weekly planner. He write everything down in that black book and everything was color coordinated. He recorded who called or didn’t call each day, who visited or didn’t visit, if he and my grandma went out to dinner, where they went and who went with them, he even recorded how much he paid for gas or a hotel if he was traveling. My grandpa has been gone over twenty years but my family still has these books and they get pulled out once in a while at family functions. Reading them now it is almost like reading a blog, so I really do think my grandpa was a blogger before we even knew what blogging was.

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