Southern Belle Reads: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken is the most recent book to be made into a Passionflix Film and you know how I am about reading the book before I watch the movie. I tried and tried and tried to read this book but I could never get into it, so I converted to listening to the book and even then I had a hard time staying focused on it. It was just not my kind of book. I will still watch the movie but the book was just so so. I had a really hard time liking the main characters, and if you can’t like them then it will make for a long book. The only cool thing about this book is the kindle ebook version is it is a kindle in motion book. This was my first experience with one of these and it was really cool. Some of the pages have pictures and movement on them it was a nice surprise to turn a page and have some color and graphics to your book.

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