No Extra Shopping August 

I have been buying way too much as of late so I am challenging myself the whole month of August to not purchase anything more that I have to.  I have way too much junk and I keep bringing more in, so it is time to slow down.  I have a whole stack of books I have yet to read so defitily no new books.  It’s back to school time and I am usually a sucker for notebooks, pens, and all things back to school, so I need to stay away from that too.  I have vacation coming up in two months which usually means this is about the time I start going crazy purchasing stuff for vacation.  But not this year, I can make due with what I already have.  I have a few birthdays coming up so gifts are okay.  And of couse food is okay.  I will let you know at the end of the month how my no extra purchaes month went.  

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