Goin’ RV’n

I have been watching a lot of that Goin’ RV’n show on GAC lately.  I just love those RVs.  One is better than the next.  We used to camp when I was younger but our camper was nothing like these.  I would love to have one but my dad will not camp.  Actually I would love to be one of these people that buys their RV to travel around the US and live and work in their RV.  I think that would be so much fun.  But since that will not be happening anytime soon I will just sit and drool.  

2 thoughts on “Goin’ RV’n

  1. It is my dream to RV across the country after Dave gets out of the Army. I think it would be a great adventure. I won’t do tent camping but would love to get an rv.

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