My Crazy Life 

I am convinsed if I was to write my memoir right now it would be titled Always Running Around Like a Chicken with my Head Cut Off.  Or at least that seems to be my consit state anymore.  Last week we had the kids all week while their mom was with their dad in Paris and London and I don’t mean Kentucky!  It was a week of firsts for me and an eye opening experience, that’s for sure.  It made me realize I am glad I am just “auntie”, I am not ready to have kids of my own that is certin.  I like sleep and my free time way too much.  I like going to the potty and taking a shower in peace.  I like reading but not the same children’s book everynight.  I never thought I would say this but I am tired of Peter Rabbit.  I am glad to have my life back to normal this week.  I still love those kids but some distance between us is a good thing.  I almost forgot to mention it is a little embarising when the two year old takes her clothes off in Kmart and you have to walk her out wearing just her diaper because she refuses to put her clothes back on.  

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