Southern Belle Movie and Book Week: Pride and Prejudice Book 

I am not going to lie Pride and Prejudice was one of the hardest books I read but I did enjoy reading it.  It was just the difference in eras but that is one of the fun things about Pride and Prejudice, is that it has with stood the test of time.  Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett have a love story kinda like Rhett and Scarlett’s, in the fact that you just can’t help falling in love with it yourself.  Between Gone With the Wind and Pride and Prejudice I really am never going to find Mr. Right because I feel like my Mr. Right needs to be part Rhett Butler and part Mr. Darcy.  A few of the Pride and Prejudice veriations/continuations I have enjoyed over the years inculde: Letters from Pemberley, The Darcys & The Bingleys, Pemberley Ranch, and Eligible to name a few.  It is amazing the number of books/stories that have come to life from Pride and Prejudice.  I am looking forward to another one arriving today from Amazon, Pride and Prejudice and Cheese Grits.  It sounds almost perfect to me Pride and Prejudice meets Gone With the Wind but more modern.  I am always up for a good southern read.  

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