My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 5: Saying Good-bye and Be Our Guest 

The fifth day of my Disney Vacation was also my final day at Disney. It just seemed like I started my Disney Vacation and it was already over. I was sad. We were going to go to Disney Springs for a bit and then onto the Magic Kingdom since we had dinning reservations at Be Our Guest for dinner. But we failed to get the one thing my mom wanted most from this trip at EPCOT while we were their earlier in the week so we made a trip to EPCOT and then onto the Magic Kingdom (good thing we buy the park hopper).  I am a huge fan of Be Our Guest after eating there.  I think it might be the number one must do again.  I tried the grey stuff, I don’t know if I would say it was decilious, but it was very good.  

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