My Disney Vacation 2017 Day 4 Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom

I am used to Animal Kingdom closing early so it was different being there now that they stay open as late as the other parks,  It made for a long day killing time waiting for the new Rivers of Light nighttime show.  I did get to ride the safari twice.  Kilamajaro Sarfi is one of my favorite rides at Disney World.  I love seeing all the animals and the best thing is, it is one of the few rides that is actually different each time you ride it.  One thing I did do this time at Animal Kingdom that I have not done in the past is really spend time looking at the Tree of Life and its carvings.  They are very impressive.  I was not too impressed with our food at Animal Kingdom.  We had breakfast at the Rainforest Café right as you go in the gate, this was not our first time but it might just be our last time.  Then we had dinner at the Tusker House, it was a nice character experience but the food was just okay.  My reservation for dinner also included the VIP seating for the show.  As for River of Lights it was okay but not my favorite.  It is very interesting what they do with water, lights, mist, and projection but it just did not wow me.  And I hate to say that because I was really looking forward to seeing this show and thought for sure I would love it but I did not.

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