First Time Zoo Visit

I was born and raised a Kentucky girl.  But it took me till I was 32 almost 33 before I went to the Louisville Zoo for the first time.  I loved it!  I was very impressed with that zoo.  Growing up in between Louisville and Cincinnati but closer to Cincinnati than Louisville the Cincinnati Zoo has always been the zoo I have gone to.  And the Cincinnati Zoo is a world renowned zoo.  I felt like the enclosures at the Louisville Zoo were nicer and the animals seemed to be more lively.  I have never seen the lions at the Cincinnati Zoo be awake hardly let alone roaring at each other.  They were putting on quit a show at the Louisville Zoo the day we went.  The train ride at the Louisville Zoo was much nicer too, adults could actually fit on it without feeling like a pretzel, and there were tunnels.  The bonus for us the day we went to the Louisville Zoo was seeing their baby gorilla.  She was so cute and we didn’t even know she was there or would be on display.  I can’t wait to go back to the Louisville Zoo.

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