Why I Hate Halloween

That’s right, Halloween is my least favorite time of the year.  Yes I dressed up as a kid and went trick or treeatimg.  So what turned me against this much loved day?  The year was 2004, and just a week and a half before we had berried my aunt, one of my best friends.  So I was not in a good place to begin with, I was still very much mourning the loss of someone I loved so deeply.  Mom and I had been staying with my cousins, the ones whose mom had just passed away, my uncle had Atlanta race tickets already and didn’t want to leave them.  When dad left for work that Halloween morning he discovered that somebody had slashed our two Winnie the Pooh yard blowups.  You spend your hard earned money to purchase them and the candy you hand out to the kids and a few juvinile delicants do that.  Well in my book those juvenile delicants ruined it for everyone.  That is why you will never find me dressing up, decotating , or handing out candy for Halloween.  So I will be the lady locking her door and turning off the pourch light.  

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