The Hardest Part of No Disney

I have already told you this Southern Belle’s Disney Vacation got canceled.  The hardest part about the whole thing is this year should have been an Outer Banks year but no first my cousin and his wife wanted to take their daughter for the first time and then the three kids were going to go so it was going to be a big family trip so I got on board the Disney train.  Well then the first cousin and his wife backed out but we were still going to go with the kids so I was still on board.  Then my other cousin and his wife (the kids mom and dad) backed out so the whole trip got canceled.  Now I get No Outer Banks and No Disney.  That is the hardest part of the whole thing.  I should have never jumped on board the Disney train and stayed on the Outer Banks train.  It was also hard canceling that princess breakfast I had reservations for.  Not going to lie, I was looking forward to that. Well hopefully next year I can get my Disney Trip in May and we have already told my aunt and her boyfriend that we are going to the Outer Banks in October next year and they are looking forward to it.  I am having Outer Banks withdraws.


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