What Ever Happened to Happily Ever After?

We just learned over the weekend that my second oldest cousin is on his way to the land of Divorce.  A few years ago my oldest cousin and my third oldest cousin enter the land of Divorce as well.  My two oldest cousins both married their high school/college sweethearts.  My other cousin was married to what seemed like someone who was perfect for him.  In all three cases it was the wives that walked out on my cousins.  This has me wondering does happily ever after even exists any more?  I haven’t even found someone to spend a few months with let alone try my hand at forever.  I felt like my cousins all had solid marriages and now that has been blown to pieces.  I feel bad for all three of my cousins.  Two of them have kids and the other one was working on getting a transfer to Florida for his job because that is what his wife wanted to move to Florida and then she leaves him and he is left moving to Florida on his own.  My two cousins that went through divorces a few years ago have both starting dating again and it seems they are both dating really great ladies right now.  Hopefully in  a few years this cousin will also find love again and with it hopefully my believe in happily ever after will be restored too.



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