Mingle The Mouse Way

If you are a Disney Fan, like me, you have probably heard there is now an online dating site for Fans of the Mouse called Mouse Mingle.  Now let me start out by saying personally I do not feel like online dating is the way for me to find my prince charming.  But I wanted to see what Mouse Mingle was so I joined for about a day.  It was a real eye opener to say the least.  I hope people on there find a love match.  I think sites like Match and eHarmony probably have better technology but I think it is nice that Disney fans have a place where they can go to meet other Disney fans,  if on-line dating is their thing.  If I change my mind about on-line dating then I might think about trying Mouse Mingle for real but until then I will wait for my prince charming to ride up on his white horse or my Rhett Butler to be standing at the bottom of the stairs.  I guess this Southern Belle is just a little too old fashioned.

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