Where Not To Purchase Gift Cards

Back in April Kroger was offering 4x the fuel points on gift cards and you could purchase gift cards on line.  I think it was getting to the end of the sale so I went ahead and purchased one online.  Not such a good idea!  They use a place called Gift Card Mall for their online gift card purchases.  The gift card arrived in a timely manner but when it did it would not work.  I contacted them and they told me they would look in to it and get back to me.  Three weeks later they had never gotten back to me so I called them again.  They said they were not sure what was going on and the would have to send it to the next level.  Someone from the next level said he would look into it and get back to me.  Again weeks went by and I had to contact them again.  They still did not what was going on and they did not know how long it would take to figure out.  I let them try but it has been weeks again.  Now I am waiting for a credit that heaven only knows how long it will take to finally reach my account, if at all.  I am not happy at all with my experience with gift card mall and I would recommend never purchasing from them.

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