Reading a Good Book

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing like sitting down with a good book, but I have found there is nothing like driving to and from work with a good book either.  I list to more Audible Books than I do the radio these days.  I find it stress relieving to listen to a book while I drive.  In fact for me it is not just two and from work, anytime I am in the car by myself I am listening to a book of some kind.  The current book I am listing to, While You Were Mine by Ann Howard Creel.   All the Ava Miles books were some of my favorite audio books.  I couldn’t stop listening to all of them!  The nice thing is too, is owned by, so some of the Kindle books have what is called whispersync, which means you have the option to read and listen at the same time, or read only, or even listen only.  And the best thing, so of the audio versions of books are only $1.99.  Great price for an audiobook!

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