On the Murder of the Buffalo Calf 

I was deeply saddened to hear about the murder of the buffalo calf in Yellowstone.  These beautiful animals have quickly become one of my favorite animals.  And as someone who has witness herds of them roam the prariers in both SD and WY I have seen their beauty and majastery in person.  I have even looked one in the eye.  These creatures are one of the many things that makes America Beautiful and killing one is killing part of America’s beauty.  And one last thought: what kind of person would take something like a buffalo calf away from its family and natural envirment?  These animals were built to withstand the cold and snow. 

(Photos taken 2012 Custer State Park, SD)

2 thoughts on “On the Murder of the Buffalo Calf 

  1. It was hardly Murder. It was Park staff who had to euthanize the calf because its mother didn’t recognize its new smell, and accept it back. The person who tried to ‘rescue’ it, did so with the best of intentions, but without the knowledge that you possess.
    A wildlife refuge veterinary in New Brunswick is often overloaded with racoon kits that dumb city hikers have rescued! 😯 Just leave them alone. Mama knows where they are, and will come back as soon as you’re gone. 🙂

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment. I understand fully why the park did what it did and I understand your point. To me it was murder because I do not feel like there was enough of an effort made to try and spare the poor animal’s life. What about a wild life preserve? A life in there would be better than no life at all?

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