Southern Belle Reads: Not Quite Series

I had heard of the “Not Quite Series” for a while but had never taken an interest in it.  I was too busy with the “Weekday Bride Series”.  But a few weeks ago I thought I would finally give it a try, Once I started reading this series I could not stop.  I loved the characters and just like with the “Weekday Brides” the same characters make appearances in the other books.  I think Not Quite Mine was probably my favorite.  I am really enjoying the writings of Catherine Bybee, and now I cannot only wait for the final “Weekday Bride Series” book to come out but now I can’t wait for the next “Not Quite Series” book too.  If you have not read either of these series yet I would recommend picking up a copy of one or both of these series, but remember it is best to read the stories in order.  I don’t think it is a must but it will help the books flow better. 

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