Southern Belle Favorite: Amazon/Amazon Prime

I am an junkie.  There is usually at least one box a week coming to the house, so I can not even try to deny it, there is proof.  And I love pretty much all things Amazon.  I have two Kindles, one paperwhite and one fire, I use subscribe and save for my k-cups, I have a fire tv stick for when we travel, and I would buy the fire phone in a heart beat if the price was not so high.  Last year I had just renewed my prime when the price went up so I was okay till this year.  I tried getting by without renewing my prime but the first time I ordered something without my prime shipping advantage it took over a week to get, and there were Birthday gifts.  After that I just could not do it anymore I broke down and paid that higher prime price.  It’s not that I mind paying for the prime, I just wish you could pay monthly and not all at one time.  I honestly do not know what I would do without amazon.  And I really do not use my prime for the free movies and tv.  I hardly watch prime videos and I use prime music from time to time.  I get the prime more for the shipping. 


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